Transition to Work


The Taminmin College Transition to Work Program is for students in years 10, 11 and 12 who wish to complete their schooling while undertaking flexible combinations such as paid or unpaid work, Vocational Training and/or a School based Apprenticeship (SBA).

The program enables students to enter the workforce into full-time paid work or apprenticeships on the completion of their compulsory schooling. Students may be eligible to gain their NTCET through a full time Apprenticeship/Traineeship on completion of compulsory stage 1 subjects English and Maths.

Year 10 program

  • Year 10 students are required to attend one day of schooling on Wednesday’s to complete English, Maths and PLP
  • Students can undertake VET courses on a Thursday at Taminmin College or offsite on other days with external providers
  • The other days of the week students are required to be in paid or unpaid work
  • Students can also be in a School based apprenticeship (SBA) four days a week and one day at school

Year 11 program

  • Year 11 students are required to attend one day of schooling to complete their compulsory stage 1 English and Maths. They must pass two semesters of English and one semester of Maths to achieve NTCET credit points
  • School days are either Thursday or Friday
  • Students enrolled in VET courses attend on days directed by their course provider
  • Days that they are not at school or VET Courses they are required to be in paid or unpaid work
  • All students are encouraged to find a full time apprenticeship/traineeship for year 12 which may help them achieve their NTCET. We can assist with working out if the students chosen pathway will achieve an NTCET

Year 12 program

  • The Year 12 program provides opportunities for continuing SBA’s and a variety of Certificate III Vocational courses, most of these are with external providers

Each student’s individual timetable is determined by what is essential to complete their NTCET pattern. This may include Maths and/or English if required.

For more information please contact the Industry and Partnerships Coordinator

Kerry Regan on (08) 8983 7198