Year 9

Year 9

At this interesting stage in their adolescent development, young people begin to imagine their own identity and role in the larger world, and they take stronger stances on social, ethical and moral issues. At Taminmin explore this development through our Home Room pastoral care program where students learn self-reflection and informed decision making. This development is further enhanced by a deep dive into career pathways, supported by our extensive elective offering, preparing students to plan for senior school.

Students in Year 9 are arranged in Homeroom groups and remain in these groups for their core subjects and for their wellbeing sessions.

In Year 9 students continue with the five core subjects: English, Mathematics, Health and Physical Education, Science and Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE). Students nominate two elective subjects each semester as they continue to explore their areas of personal interest.

At Taminmin we value and cater for diversity for more information see Inclusive Education

Core Subjects


Students engaged with a variety of texts for enjoyment and information. They interpret, create, evaluate, analyse and perform a wide range of literary texts, for different purposes. Students develop a critical understanding of the contemporary media and the differences between media texts. There is a leading learners program for available for this subject


Students enhance their ability to analyse and interpret results when comparing data distributions and when using measurement for real world contexts. Learning Trigonometry expands students’ geometry knowledge. Students graph quadratic functions and use algebraic manipulation to solve quadratics in real world applications. There is a leading learners program for available for this subject

Health & Physical Education

Students refine and apply strategies for maintaining a positive outlook and evaluating behavioural expectations in different situations. They participate in movement and physical activities to increase their overall health and wellbeing


Students examine models of energy transfer in Physics, explore radioactivity, the periodic table and the structure of atoms in Chemistry. In Biology, they how human systems respond to external changes. In Earth Sciences they look into the Carbon Cycle There is a leading learners program for available for this subject

Studies of Society and Environment

Students develop their inquiry, interpretation, analysis, and communication skills. Students learn about the making of the modern world from 1750-1918, including Australia’s history and World War 1. Students also study features of biomes, the impacts of global interconnections and food security, processes for constitutional change, and influences on civic participation. There is a leading learners program for available for this subject


These weekly wellbeing sessions help students improve personal management and social management skills. They develop their self-reflection and informed decision making skills. Students engage in career investigation and preparation for Year 10

Elective Subjects


Engage in hands-on management of goats and develop awareness of a farm’s daily requirements


Learn and apply the principles of art through experiments with drawing, painting and printmaking


Learn hand building and glazing techniques to create usable earthenware objects. Study traditions of puppetry and ceramic marionettes


Explore dance as an art through choreography, performance and appreciation

Digital Technologies

Learn basic computer game coding, Adobe image editing, and program Lego robots


Develop performance and production techniques through presentation of dramatic pieces


Understand and develop fair play, leadership, and collaboration skills. Participate in fitness activities and investigate the cardiovascular system

Home Economics

Cooking: Design and prepare healthy dishes
Textiles: Learn machine sewing, fabric dyeing and construction techniques

Marine Technology

Study freshwater ecosystems and aquatic species. Build and maintain an environment for red claw


Understand, identify and analyse how the elements of music are used in different styles. Ideate and compose music based on a theme. Rehearse and perform songs solo and as a group


Learn to appreciate other cultures and value diversity. Students learn some Spanish so they can speak to each other in a different language

Sports Academy

Develop and evaluate specialized and complex movement strategies within Rugby, Netball, Basketball and AFL

STEM Makerspace

Understand design thinking. Build solutions using 3D printing, laser cutting and woodwork techniques