Inclusive Education

The Taminmin Special Education Centre is a purpose-built learning space for students who require specialised academic and life-skills programs that meet individual learning needs. The centre is a part of the wider Taminmin community allowing students to access mainstream elective classes, VET courses and work readiness programs.


Functional Academic programs focus on supporting and developing student’s skill sets that include:

Numeracy and Financial Literacy History and Geography
Literacy and English Society and the Environment
Health and Physical Education Curriculum Electives
Social Emotional Learning (SEL) NT Certificate of Education (NTCET) Modified
Science and Technology

Daily Living Skills

Daily Living Skill programs explicitly teach life-skills that develop and encourage student independence and support student well-being through focus areas that include:

Personal Banking and Budgeting Current Affairs and News
Cookery and Healthy food choices Reading timetables and Time management
Menu planning, Shopping, Food preparation and handling and Safe storage Protective Behaviours
Personal Hygiene Social Skills and Social Expectations


Work Readiness and Post School Options

Work readiness skills are devolved through Middle Years schooling to prepare them for Senior Years Work Readiness programmes, Work and Volunteering experiences that include:

Workplace site visits Interschool subjects and Enterprise programs
Work experience and Volunteer placements NT Certificate of Education and Training (NTCET) Modified
Vocational Education Training (VET)


Communication and Community

Communication and Community programs provide students with opportunities to participate in a variety of leisure and recreational activities through focus areas that include:

Duke of Edinburgh Award Shopping and Community access
Sporting events and activities – School based and Regional Work Skill practices
Cultural events and activities Volunteer placements
Arts and Craft Leadership opportunities
Multi-Media and Technology

Flexible Learning Centre

The Flexible Learning Centre (FLC) provides support to meet the diversity of needs for students at Taminmin College.  The FLC is a space where students can come to receive additional academic and wellbeing support in a quiet environment.  This service is negotiated by the class teacher, learning enhancement teacher, year level coordinator and the student.

In addition to this space, the FLC coordinator oversees the provision of in-class Inclusion Support Assistants (ISA) and the regular review of Education Adjustment Plans.

A range of flexible options is available to encourage students to be actively and positively engaged with their learning, building pathways to further learning beyond school.