School Board

A School Representative Body (school council or school board) enables parents to provide relevant input into student outcomes and the long-term strategic vision of the school. Meeting once per month during the school year, they must not meet less than eight times in a calendar year. Establishing good governance processes achieves a balance between formal meeting procedures and a friendly atmosphere of inclusion, cooperation and participation. To function effectively there must be a good working relationship between the Principal and its members based on mutual respect and a shared vision for the school.

The 2023 AGM will be held Wednesday 8 March

School Board Members


John Harris


Parent Members

Beverley Ratahi (Chairperson)

Donna Hanrahan

Tabby Fudge

Tameeka Skinner

Tanya McKenna

Megan Pohlner

Tracy Maden

Vanessa Cuttriss

Helga Mowat


Invited Members

Brooke Burke


Teacher Representatives

John Harris

Natasha Burrows

What do members do:

  • Develop the board strategic direction and vision for the school through the school’s strategic planning process
  • Provide input into the development and implementation of School Representative Body (SRB) policies
  • Lead community conversation about key challenges in education
  • Ensure the school is responsive to local community needs
  • Provide strategic oversight, approve and monitor the performance of the annual budget
  • Assess and advise on the physical needs of the school
  • Over see work on buildings and grounds
  • Approve community use of the school facilities outside of school hours
  • Identify fundraising priorities, activities and spend funds accordingly
  • Determine school fees and seek voluntary contributions from parents
  • Employ School Representative Body staff in accordance with relevant awards and the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth).