Year 7

Year 7

Moving from primary to secondary school is a milestone for young people and their families. It’s often a time of mixed emotions. We strive to make the transition as easy and smooth as possible for everyone. We achieve this through strong partnerships with our local primary schools, orientation days and our Young Scholars program.

Students in Year 7 are arranged in Homeroom groups and remain in these groups for their core subjects and for their wellbeing sessions.

The Year 7 timetable consists of the five core subjects: English, Mathematics, Health and Physical Education, Science and Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE). To broaden the students knowledge of speciality subjects, Year 7 students are placed in two rotation subjects each term. This prepares students to choose elective subjects in Year 8.

All our Year 7 learning programs follow the Australian Curriculum (ACARA).

At Taminmin we value and cater for diversity for more information see Inclusive Education


Core Subjects


Students engage in a range of genres, across the study of autobiography, persuasion, and news media. They will examine and respond to a range of written genres, identifying how text is influenced by context and purpose. Students plan, write and publish texts concentrating on grammar, spelling, and genre conventions. There is a leading learners program for available for this subject.


Students’ number skills are expanded through study of perimeter, area, volume and geometry. Students explore types of data and data displays. In Year 7 formal algebra begins with substitution and simple equations. There is a leading learners program available for this subject

Health & Physical Education

Students analyse factors that influence identities, emotions and responses to change, and describe strategies to respond to these influences. They analyse how stereotypes, respect, empathy and valuing diversity influence relationships. Students investigate the effectiveness of assertive communication strategies, protective behaviours and help-seeking strategies applied online and offline. Students apply and transfer movement skills and movement concepts across a range of situations.


Students study chemical separation techniques, classification of biological organisms and the physics of gravity and friction. In Earth Science they learn about natural phenomena caused by the movement of the Earth, Sun and Moon. There is a Leading Learners program available for this subject.

Studies of Society and Environment

Students develop their inquiry, interpretation, and communication skills. Students learn about the histories of early First Nations Peoples of Australia and an ancient civilization. Students also develop an understanding of liveability, types of business, how resources are allocated, the importance of water, and key features of government. There is a leading learners program available for this subject


These weekly wellbeing sessions help students improve personal management and social management skills. They develop a sense of belonging in the community

Rotation Subjects


Develop an understanding of animal health, welfare, and maintenance. Engage in hands-on management of the school chickens


In Year 7 Art, students developed an understanding for the Elements of Art and Design. Students work towards producing a body of work that demonstrated their understanding of the elements while learning new techniques and various medium to create a particular aesthetic.


In Year 7 Dance, students will be introduced Dance where they learn the building blocks of how to create and perform a range of dance routines, including the Elements of Dance and Choreographic Devices. Students practically apply their new skills in groups and then perform their routines to a small audience.

Digital Technologies

Learn basic computer game coding, create interactive web applications, and operate drones

Home Economics – Cooking 

In Year 7 Cooking, students have the chance to cook a variety of different foods each fortnight.  Students will develop practical skills in the kitchen environment with a focus on kitchen safety as well as learning about the requirements of a balanced diet.

Home Economics – Textiles

In Year 7 Textiles, students gain an introduction to textiles.  Students will learn basic hand sewing stitches and techniques as well as creative design skills.  Students use these skills to create two textile products.

Drama – Currently Unavailable 

In Year 7 Drama, students will be introduced to Drama experimenting with mime, scripts and improvisation to create a range of presentations that will be performed to a small audience.



Students learn to appreciate other cultures and value diversity. Students learn some Indonesian so they can speak to each other in a different language

Design Technology

Introduction to design thinking. Build solutions using 3D printing, laser cutting and woodwork techniques. Develop problem-solving skills

Spanish – Currently Unavailable 

Learn to appreciate other cultures and value diversity. Students learn some Spanish so they can speak to each other in a different language